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Holly Wachal, The Pas, MB  1st place winner in the Women's Speed Cutting Event.

Check out the Rick Mercer Report on March 2!


2009 Competition

Thank you to

for donating 3 chainsaws to the competition, plus 3 to Trappers' for permanent use in the competition.  Retail value over $5250!  As well $275 cash and 4 pairs of safety chaps at $375!

Holmen Tree Services

Hudson Bay Railroad

Manitoba Metis Federation, The Pas

Rumour has it that Northland Leisure is looking at making the competition even better in 2011!


Men's Speed Cutting:
 1st Sonny Demery The Pas,MB 15.18 sec. $650 value chainsaw & $200 prize.
2nd Kyle Reid The Pas,MB 15.56 sec. $100 prize
3rd Scott Madrigga The Pas,MB 15.97 $50 prize
Women's Speed Cutting: 1st and 2nd tied
1st Holly Wachal The Pas,MB 17.78 sec. [19.56 after tie breaker] $650 value chainsaw & $200 prize [1st time Holly has ever used a chainsaw!!]
2nd Angie Nikolychuk The Pas,MB 17.78 sec [20.59 " " "] $100 prize
3rd Fran Cooper The Pas,MB 18.44 sec. $50 prize
Chainsaw Carving:
1st Wade Anderson Thompson,MB [eagle] $650 value chainsaw & $200 prize
2nd Roy Budinikas Cormorant,MB [beaver] $150 prize
3rd Kyle Reid The Pas,MB [owl] $100 prize
4th Michael Plett Mafeking,MB [dog sled] $50 prize

 Chainsaw Carving


Rules for the Chain Saw Carving:  Carving will start at 12:00 noon.  There is a three hour time limit.  At 3:00 p.m. the carvings will be judged then auctioned off to the public.  The proceeds will go to the individual that created the carving.  Competitors will have the option of excluding their work from the auction.  Wood blocks, random sizes (or competitors can bring their own blocks) will be supplied but competitors must bring their own saws.  All competitors must wear appropriate safety equipment (steel toe boots, safety pants or chaps, and hearing and eye protection).



Speed Saw Cutting Back  for 2010!

 Rules for the Chainsaw Speed Cutting Chainsaws; safety chaps and safety glasses will be supplied by the committee.  All competitors must wear the required safety equipment.  Two competitors will compete at once.  On the signal “competitors ready”, they will place their hands on the chainsaw idling on the ground (competitors do not start the saws).  On the signal “go” they will make three downward cuts through 8” x 8” log (timber).  No upwards direction cuts are allowed.  This event is timed.  The time stops when the last wood disc hits the ground.  Each competitor is allowed two tries (best time kept out of two tries.)    

Mens' and Women's Speed Cutting

3 cuts 8 x 8 spruce (saws supplied by committee) Best time out of two tries