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It takes a talented group of volunteers to co-ordinate

and plan all activities associated with the festival.  Their efforts

are tireless and often unrecognized.





Directors' Responsibilities

Appreciation Night - Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson, Sonny Lavallee

Aquatics - Linda McFarland

Arts & Crafts -Linda McFarland

Awasis Events -Otineka Mall-Sonny Lavallee

Baking Contest - Linda McFarland

Beard Growing - Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson

Booklet - Lawrence Kaczorowski

Coffee House - Linda McFarland

Constitution - Sue Lambert, Sonny Lavallee

Cordwood Bonspiel -KRC Amber Whitehead

Decorating Contest -Chamber of Commerce- Angie Hay

Dignitaries Reception -Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson

Directors Shirts - Sue Lambert, Sonny Lavallee

Displays - Conrad Watts/ Town of The Pas, Bruce Popaden, Sonny Lavallee

Dog Races (World, Manitoba, Jack McPhail,Junior) - Kinsmen, Jack Madrigga

Dream Draw - Lawrence Kaczorowski

Family Fun -Corrinna McKay

Finance - Sue Lambert

Float - Queen Candidates, Brea

Fort - Sonny Lavallee/ Darcie Morden

Fundraising - All Board of Directors

Fur Queen (champagne brunch, banquet, reception, pageant) -Brea Anderson

Grants & Sponsorship- Jim Scott, Sonny Lavallee

Hall & hotel Bookings - Sue Lambert

Headquarters -Sonny Lavallee, Terry McKellop

Hilites and Preliminaries - Rotary

Ice Fishing - Sonny Lavallee

Ice Worm - Terry McKellop

Inventory - Sue Lambert/Joanne Basson/Angie Hay

Junior Queen Trapper - Linda Kryschuk

Junior King Trapper - Doug McIvor

King Trapper - Allan Fredrickson, Bruce Popaden

Logger Events - Willard Holman

Lunch - United Church -Linda McFarland

Marathon Snowshoe Race - (King Trapper) - Allan Fredrickson, Bruce Popaden

Marketing - Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson

Mini Festivals - Corinna McKay

Native Foods Buffet -Linda McFarland

Nominating Committee -Sue Lambert ,Joanne Basson

Novelty Events-Darcie Morden

Official Guests -Sue Lambert , Sonny Lavallee

Pancake Breakfast - Golden Agers -Linda McFarland

Pancake Breakfast-UCN- Jim Scott

Poster Art Contest -Corinna McKay

PR/Publicity -Lawrence Kaczorowski, Jim Scott

Pub Crawl - Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson

Queen Trapper -Leif Isfeld

Rendezvous/Beerfest - Sue Lambert, Joanne Basson

Refreshment Chair- Darcie Morden

Scavenger Hunt - Headquarters- Marcie Chambers

Seniors Show -

Smoked Fish & Cured Meats -Jen Hoskins- Sonny Lavallee

Snow/Ice Sculpturing - Bank of Nova Scotia- Angie Hay

Sponsorship - Sonny Lavallee, Lawrence Kaczorowski

Stage Show - Keith Jaeger

Stork Derby -Janis Preedy

Talent Show -Keith Jaeger

Tea Shack - Anglican Church - Linda McFarland

Tea & Fashion Show - Brea Anderson

Teen Dance -Terry McKellop

Tickets - Sue Lambert

Torchlight Parade -Mark Landels

Uptown Mall Events -

Web Site -

Youth Sock Hop -Terry McKellop

2010 Homecoming-Sue Lambert/Joanne Basson