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2010 Dog Races

Everyone loves the new race route.  There are

approximately 30 miles of the 35 mile lap viewable to

spectators from the road now. 



2010 marks 50 years of sponsorship by Labatt for the World Championship Dog Race.



The Kinsmen and groomers that make the dog race possible.

Let the races begin!



World Championship Dog Races




2010 Results

World and Manitoba Championship  (Manitoba in Red)

Bib# Name Residence Day 1 Time Day 2 Time Day 3 Time Final Time
9 Richard Beck Yellowknife 2:12:42.61 2:24:41.26 2:18:17.86 6:55:41.73
15 Kevin Cook Preeceville 2:16:41.27 2:24:16.63 2:18:51.39 6:59:49.29
7 Brent Beck Yellowknife 2:18:50.00 2:26:34.40 2:21:40.21 7:07:04.61
13 Johnson Garrioch Cross Lake 2:17:40.52 2:31:56.09 2:23:27.27 7:13:03.88
18 Donny Poulin The Pas 2:21:36.75 2:27:40.80 2:26:51.87 7:16:09.42
5 Carl Knudsen Porcupine Plain 2:24:28.88 2:33:48.64 2:27:17.49 7:25:35.01
8 Ausa Blake Fort McPerson 2:29:49.00 2:43:10.27 2:24:04.99 7:37:04.26
6 Trevor Lizotte Yellowknife 2:26:50.87 2:40:55.60 2:33:34.66 7:41:21.13
11 Norman Stevenson The Pas 2:27:01.04 2:48:33.68 2:36:14.14 7:51:48.86


World Championship Dog Races


Bib# Name Day 1 Time Day 2 Time Total Time
12 Chris Turner 0:51:49.08 0:52:47.19 1:44:36.27
27 Dave Hicks 0:52:06.09 0:52:39.45 1:44:45.54
23 Ricky Hall 0:52:09.34 0:52:43.42 1:44:52.76
14 Shelby Cook 0:51:12.93 0:53:46.73 1:44:59.66
32 Sydney Garrioch 0:51:59.23 0:53:50.01 1:45:49.24
11 Elaine Hems 0:51:50.52 0:54:01.31 1:45:51.83
6 Loretta Dykun 0:52:45.58 0:54:02.09 1:46:47.67
33 Marion McKay 0:56:57.24 0:54:44.32 1:51:41.56
16 Jake North 0:55:53.44 0:56:25.52 1:52:18.96
10 Bill Otchenash 0:56:33.84 0:56:37.32 1:53:11.16
5 George Knudsen 0:56:06.09 0:57:59.08 1:54:05.17
17 Ted Berens 0:57:09.86 0:58:10.90 1:55:20.76
9 Joe Halcrow 0:54:06.18 1:01:26.69 1:55:32.87
21 Dalton Hardisty 1:05:50.45 1:04:07.77 2:09:58.22
7 Fred Hems 58:45.41 dropped  


World Championship Dog Races

Bib Name Time
26 Daniel Crow 26:51.77
16 Jilaina Trout 26:53.31
1 Ricky Hall 26:55.15
15 Dez Turner 27:04.69
18 Brooke Hall 27:05.31
6 Satie Lizotte 27:12.81
14 Heaven Amyotte 27:30.34
5 George Knudsen 27:54.71
13 Corrina McKay 28:08.52
4 Loretta Dykun 28:21.34
23 Dalton Hardisty 28:53.75
24 Duston Johnstone 28:55.30
21 Hewey Seymour 29:13.35
30 Jake North 29:29.68
17 Joe Halcrow 29:30.07
7 Cameron Campbell 30:25.84
8 Justin Asham 31:53.80
19 Marcel Schommer 33:48.37
9 James Giesbrecht 35:35.42


OCN Shell/Shell Canada Junior Race

Bib Name Time
14 Wyatt Cook 0:51:11.27
12 Hope McKay 0:51:20.93
16 Jilaina Trout 0:51:35.81
8 Brandon Smith 0:51:50.94
1 Jackson Hall 0:55:31.69
11 Brooke Hall 0:57:53.22
10 Trevor Morrisseau 0:58:05.14
6 Theodore Berins 1:01:37.70
4 Duston Johnstone 1:04:13.86
5 Hughey Seymour 1:07:41.49
7 Daniel Crow  

Last year's results 2008

Video Clip of the 2007 2nd Day Start


Thank you to our Race Sponsors.  Check out their websites.

Labatt, Northland Ford, Murray Dunn GM, Tim Horton’s, Aseneskak Casino, PBDC, OCN Shell, The Pas Kinsmen, Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival, Alouette Hotel, Arctic Beverages, CIBC, Cook & Cooke, Huskie Travel, Corby Wiser, Gene’s Telecom, Gordy’s Tire, Grub Box, HBR, Manitoba Conservation, Manitoba Liquor Board, Northern Veterinary Clinic, Town of The Pas, Westoba Credit Union, Wescana Inn. 









Pro Mutt Race


Mutt Mutt Race

Meet the Mushers of 2007 Trappers' Festival as well Extra Pics

2007 Results


Tiny was a big hit, and he did try to run after the dogs in the World Championship, but the officials ruled that he didn't meet the full qualifications.

  See Race Rules for details

For the 49th year, this bronze Labatt Trophy designed by Clarence Tillenius, renowned wildlife artist, will be at stake.

A Brief History of the Dog Derby

From the scrap book of Roy H. Johnson

    The Trappers' Festival goes back to the year 1915 and a handful of dog lovers who argued the worth of the Northern Husky dog.  One day in 1915 a group of oldtimers got together at the old Opasquia Hotel to talk about the possibilities of staging a competitive dog race.  Northern Manitoba in those early days was ideal for developing racing dogs.  In fact Northern Manitoba dogs in years to come were to be regarded as world beaters.  The object of the first race was to develop a finer breed of sled dog and to call attention to the outside world the fact that Northern Manitoba was rich in mining and natural resources.

    The first annual race, in 1916 was formulated by Grant Rice, editor of The Pas Herald of the era.  In the race of 1920, Walter Goyne, who was born in Ruby, Alaska, made history when he came out of the frozen hinterland of Alaska to compete in the early Le Pas Dog Derby.  When Mr. Goyne arrived in The Pas that day many years ago, he discovered that all the local mushers were using an old style toboggan for racing, with their dogs hitched in tandem style.  Goyne brought with him the famous Alaskan dog sled with his dogs hitched in the now famous Alaskan hitch, that is, dogs are two abreast with the leader centering the team in front. Northern Manitobans of that era were quite skeptical of Goyne's sled and "new" hitch and in fact gave him little chance of winning that race of 1920.  But when the race was over, and Goyne had won by an easy margin, the skeptics were forced to eat humble pie.  Today Goyne's Alaskan hitch and sled is being used by all famous mushers in Northern Manitoba, the East and the St. Paul Winter Carnival whose dog races date back to 1889.

    The race of 1920 which Goyne won with ease, will always be remembered as one the Northland's greatest.  Consider the fact that Goyne had a crippled foot which forced him to ride on the sleigh more than his rivals thought best in a long grueling non stop race.  You see unlike today's race, which is broken up into three daily laps, in Goyne's time it was 140 miles to Cranberry Portage or Flin Flon and back non-stop. 

    Another item Goyne introduced to the North was the parka.  Before he came to The Pas, the parka was unheard of.  It was while visiting at the home of Mrs. E. W. Bridges that the parka was first introduced as the only type of winter clothing to adequately protect the upper part of the body from the freezing winds of the Northland.  Mrs. Bridges took Goyne's parka and using it as a model she made smaller replicas for her own children, one of whom later made a great name for himself in dog racing in The Pas derbies and those staged in the east.  His name, Earl Bridges.  Today the parka is a standard part of every northerner's winter wardrobe.

    After Goyne's first big win in 1920, he had one ambition, namely to win the race three times thus receiving the Derby Cup.  In 1921, he entered again but was forced out when his 13 year old lead dog failed him.  Ironically that was his last race locally.  In the fall of 1922 Walter Goyne drowned in Moose Lake.  The man who found Goyne's body was another well know Northern figure, the late Tom Lamb of The Pas.  When Goyne's body arrived at The Pas, The Pas Herald records the incident as follows: "It was a silent procession up Fischer Avenue..and many town dogs fell in with Goyne's pups.  Not a bark or growl was heard, it seemed as if the four footed animals understood the meaning of procession."

Photo courtesy of Sharain Jones/ SAM WALLER MUSEUM/ PH2.96x


The Pas Dog Derby started in 1912 and continued until 1931. During the Depression and war years, the races were discontinued due to economic and social pressures of the period. In 1948, the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival was incorporated and the dog races were held. Trappers' Festival has been an annual event since that time with dog races as an integral and feature attraction of the Festival.

The 2008 World Championship Dog Race marks 73 years of dog races located in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. The big race consists of three laps of 35 miles per day with more than $40,000.00 in prize monies. The race draws contestants from all over Canada and the United States.

2008 represents the eightth year of affiliation with the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS World Cup). The World Cup Series is based on races from regions such as Central Ees, Yukon, Western and Eastern Canada, Western USA to Michigan and Japan. The World Cup includes approximately 30 events in 6 countries. Its primary mandate is to promote interest in sled dog sports by conducting international competitions and educating the public and its mushers for such competitions.

The World Cup Series has a Website at http://www.sleddogsport.com/ where results can be viewed.

The 2008 World Championship Dog Race signifies the 61th Annual Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival.

 Prizes, Entry Form, Prohibited Substances

Mushers’ Briefing Banquet:
This is an evening dedicated to a discussion on the rules and regulations for the registered mushers in the World Championship Dog Race. The race route is reviewed, the requirements and expectations are reviewed, and the mushers are introduced. If a Calcutta is held it will be started at the Briefing Banquet. All mushers will receive their bib numbers and copies of the rules and regulations, the drug requirements, the information on drug testing, the veterinary’s report and any questions will be answered. The Kinsmen Club of The Pas who operate the races will be recognized and the Dog Race Chairman and the Race Marshall will be introduced.

This event will be held at 6:00 PM Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 following the Dog Tagging, in the Kin Centre on 324 Ross Avenue. Stew, bannock and salad will be served. Registered mushers receive a complimentary ticket for this dinner. This event is open to the public and tickets are available at Festival Headquarters in the Uptown Mall for $10.00.

Mushers’ Wind-Up Banquet:
This is an evening dedicated to the presentation of the awards and prizes for the mushers in the World Championship Dog Race, the Manitoba Championship Dog Race, The Jack McPhail Memorial Six Dog Race, and OCN Shell/Shell Canada Junior Dog Race. Trophies and cash prizes will be distributed to each of the places and there will be special prizes for Hidden Mile, Rookie Musher and Best Lap. A list of the prizes is available at Headquarters. An analysis of the race is undertaken with the mushers and recommendations for the next year as well as comments on this year are received.

This event will be held at 6:00 PM at the Wescana Banquet Room.   A full meal will be served. Registered mushers and winners receive a complimentary ticket for this banquet. This event is open to the public and tickets are available at Festival Headquarters in the Uptown Mall for $20.00.

Dog Trailer phone number during Trappers' 623-2591, fax 623-2865.

There is a little video clip on the site below.  You need QuickTime to view it though.

Emile St. Goddard-1932 Olympics-Demonstration Sport Gold Medal Winner, Shorty Russick Bronze


2006 Race Results

Race Winners






Albert Campbell


John Calvert


Baptiste Campbell


Swanson Highway


Walter Goyne


John Calvert


C.B. Morgan (Owner)


Michael McKenzie

W. Winterton (Driver)


Bob McPhail


C.B. Morgan (Owner)


Art Allen

W. Grayson (Driver)


Art Allen


C.B. Morgan (Owner)


Art Allen

W. Grayson (Driver)


Larry Commodore


W. Russick


Peter Norberg


J.B. Bacon (Owner)


Grant Beck

E. St. Godard (Driver)


Tim White


E. St. Goddard (Lap Race)


Raymond Cook


E. St. Goddard


Robert Andrews


E. St. Goddard


Richard Beck


E. St. Goddard


Daniel Schindler


E. Brydges


Raymond Cook


E. Brydges


Richard Beck


Jack Heard (Freight Race)


Richard Beck


Edwin Lambert


Richard Beck


Laird Ouellete


Robert Andrews


Joe Highway


Glen Calvert


Steve Pronteau


Raymond Cook


Steve Pronteau


Raymond Cook


Steve Pronteau


Raymond Cook


Steve Pronteau


Richard Beck


Ernie Jebb


Richard Beck


Dr. R. Lombard


Tom Bird


Art Allen


Kevin Cook


Laird Ouellete


Kevin Cook


Joe LeClerc


Kevin Cook


Bill Carriere


Kevin Cook


Gilbert Lavallee


Kevin Cook


Peter Morin


Raymond Cook


Gilbert Lavallee


Buddy Streeper


Swanson Highway


Kevin Cook


Swanson Highway


Kevin Cook


Tom Merasty


Dave Hochman


Alex Cook


Kevin Cook


Alex Cook



Murdock Carriere




Thank you to The Pas Kinsmen

Click for More Pics from 2006


Thank you Ma-Mow-We-Tuk for the excellent coverage!