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The Fur Queen candidates are

 the ambassadors of Trappers' Festival

and are requested to attend and participate

 in events starting in early December.

 They are very popular as their contagious vitality remind

people that The Pas is a great place to live

and Trappers' Festival a fun-filled event.


The crowd eagerly anticipates..........

2010 Fur Queen- Miss Profits Countrywide, Kara Dodds
1st Princess- Miss MMF The Pas Region, Shawna Stevenson
2nd Princess- Miss The Pas Friendship Centre, Tracy Constant


Random pictures from the pageant

Miss OID at the Crowning


2010 Champagne Brunch


Hello, Tansi,

 I am Jessie Walker the 2009 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival Fur Queen.  I am 19 years old and born and raised in The Pas Manitoba.

 It has truly been an honor representing our community and Trappers Festival throughout the pas year as the 2009 Fur Queen.  The opportunities this has given me have been ones I will remember for a lifetime. I have been able to participate and volunteer in many community events.  This abled me to become more involved in our community and meet new people from far and wide.

I mostly enjoyed taking part in Trappers Festival as it is a time that our community comes together as volunteers, athletes, and spectators to celebrate one of the greatest and oldest festivals in Canada.

I would like to thank my sponsor Twin Motors ltd and the community for all your support.  I would also like to thank family and friends for helping me along my journey.  Mostly I’d like to thank the Trappers Festival Board and all the sponsors as our festival would not be possible without all their efforts.

 I want to wish good luck to this years Fur Queen Contestants.  I know you girls will have an amazing time it truly is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.  Good luck to everyone competing in the events during Trappers Festival I look forward to seeing everyone out during this years’ Trappers Festival. So join us again in 2010!!!!

Thank you, Ekosi,

 Jessie Walker 2009 NMTF  Fur Queen


2010 Contestants!

Miss Integra Tire- Amanda Landels

Hello    My name is Amanda Landels. Eighteen years ago I was born here in The Pas, to Mark Landels and Heather Doerksen.  My family and I are proud to call the north our home and love all the experiences northern Manitoba has to offer.

    In June 2009 I graduated from M.B.C.I., I got a job working for Manitoba Conservation as a part of there summer fire program. During this time I learnt many valuable skills and worked with numerous people in a job experience i will treasure for a lifetime. This was just a summer job so, I decided to find another job until I figured out what I wanted to further my education in. I am currently employed by The Pas Health Complex working at St. Paul's, so far its been another great experience. I love being involved with the elders and hearing their stories. I am also currently a volunteer firefighter on The Pas Fire Department, being a part of this department means a lot to me and it gives me the feeling that i can actually give back to such a wonderful community.

    I enjoy spending summers at the lake and all the fun things winter has to offer us here including ice fishing and all the snow! Every year since I was a little girl I remember being so excited for Trapper's Festival. My highlight of Trappers is watching the dogs race and watching the beautiful fur queens. I am honored to take part in Trappers Festival this year as a fur queen contestant, and would like to thank Integra Tire for being my sponsor. Best of luck to my fellow competitors, lets make The Pas proud!


 Miss Funky Threadz- Eliza-Jean Kirkness

            Hello.  Tansi.  My name is Eliza-Jean Kirkness and I am 20 years old.  I was born and raised in The Pas.  I am the daughter of Marcel and Shelley Kirkness.  I also have three sisters: Amber (22), Alannah (19), and Lacey (17).  I am currently employed at Mr. Ribs. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and also enjoy watching movies.  One of my other hobbies is playing my clarinet, which I have played since I was 13 years old.

             In 2007 I graduated from Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute in The Pas.  I also had the honour of receiving the Sarah Kelly Memorial Bursary Award.  I am currently in year one of the Bachelor of Nursing program at University College of the North.  Once I receive my degree in nursing I hope to stay in The Pas.  In recent years my career goals have changed due to the passing of my grandmother, Jean.  One reason I chose nursing is to give people the care they deserve and should receive

             I have always enjoyed participating in activities in both Trappers’ Festival and Opaskwayak Indian Days.  In 1998 I participated in the Little Miss Trappers’ pageant.  I was also the 2006 Opaskwayak Indian Days Princess.  This year I am honoured to be a contestant in the 2010 Fur Queen Competition.  These activities all require being a good role model to the younger generation and I feel that it important to show good leadership skills in everything.  In closing, I’d like to thank my sponsor Funky Threadz. I’d also like to wish my fellow competitors the best of luck.  So now it’s time to “Join Us Again in 2010!”

 Thank You. Ekosi.

Miss MMF The Pas Region- Shawna Stevenson

Hello, my name is Shawna Stevenson. And I am Miss Manitoba Metis Federation The Pas, Region. I was born right here in The Pas, Manitoba. But lived in Mafeking, Manitoba for the first 5 years of my life. I am the daughter of Darren and Lisa Stevenson. I am 20 years old with two younger siblings: Shaun Stevenson whom is 13, and the youngest my sister Ashley Stevenson who is 10.

I am an active member with the MMF participating in conferences, seminars, and just representing the metis youth in general. I enjoy being outdoors and spending every ounce of time I can hunting and fishing with my dad, or getting a good workout playing badminton at UCN. I also enjoy reading fictional books, and my all-time favorite is the Twilight Saga. I graduated from Margaret Barbour Collegiate in 2007 and decided to take a year off. I then decided to go back to school and further my education and successfully acquired my Health Care Aide Certificate. I have worked with the Norman Regional Health Authority for the Home Care Seniors Team for the past two years, and really enjoy my job working with the elderly. I enjoy working in the health field so much that I have now decided to further my education and become a nurse. I know that it will be a challenge but I've also promised myself to never give up. I am very excited about this years Trappers' Festival and am very honoured to be apart of something unique that our small town has to offer. I am also very honoured to be a role model to the youth in the community and urge them to "never give up your dreams! no matter what"

I would like to give a huge Thank You! to my sponsor The Manitoba Metis Federation The Pas, for enabling me to participate in this wonderful and exciting experience.   I am honoured to be a candidate fot this years Fur Queen Competition and am very excited to get a chance to meet new people and make new friends. I wish the best of luck to the other candidates for this year's competition. And a huge Thank You to all the volunteers, and coordinators who are able to put this wonderful event together

Thanks You,

Sincerely Miss MMF The Pas Region, Shawna Stevenson

Miss Kelsey Glass- Kristine Henderson

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

 My name is Kristine Henderson and I am honoured to be "Miss Kelsey Glass."

 Lots of you may already know me as Flight Sergeant Henderson from 303 The Pas Royal Air Cadets, Ian and Sally Henderson's daughter or as Will's Aunt!  I was born and raised in The Pas and have always loved Trappers' Festival time!  It's a time when our whole town comes together and shows what winter spirit it has!  I have actively participated in Jr. Queen Trapper since I was 12 years old and have enjoyed each event.  A favourite of mine was trap setting and snowshoe racing-what a memorable experience!  It's always fun competing with the girls because each and every one of us is willing to lend a tip or two to help out.  Everyone wants everyone to do their best!

 Through out the year I am an active Air Cadet promoting leadership and community involvement.  In addition I take vocal and piano lessons weekly.  I am a certified Lifeguard and a Rescue Scuba Diver.  Currently, I am attending school at MBCI and will be graduating in June of 2010.  My future plans are to become a Lawyer and Mater Scuba Diver.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite one and all to come out and celebrate the heritage and culture of the northern pioneers by attending "NORTHERN MANITOBA TRAPPERS' FESTIVAL" February 17-21st, 2010 The Pas, Manitoba.  Come out and watch the Trappers in competition and participate in the celebrations that follow the day's events.  I look forward to meeting each of you attending Trappers' Festival in 2010!

 Lastly, I would like to wish all my fellow competitors good luck and thank my sponsor Kelsey Glass (2000) Ltd.

 Join us again in 2010!

Miss Profits Countrywide- Kara Dodds

Hello my name is Kara Dodds, and I am honoured to be sponsored by Profit’s Countrywide.  I grew up in The Pas the entire eighteen years of my life, and I am very excited that I am finally old enough to participate in The Northern Manitoba Fur Queen Contest this year.  My parents are Dwayne and Liz Dodds, and I have a brother, Jesse, who is seventeen months younger than I am.

This year I am very excited to be a part of all the festival events, such as:  The Champagne Brunch and the Talent Show. Watching the past Fur Queens be involved in so many different activities was very exciting to me, and I can’t wait to experience the same things they did.  My favourite part about Trapper’s Festival is the dog races, because I find it so exciting watching them ready to run.

I am currently finishing my final year of high school, at Margaret Barbour, and I am planning on graduating with yearend honours.  I have been in French immersion since kindergarten and I am fluent in that language as well. I love to participate in the school events, and sports.  This year I am the student council’s treasurer, and I am involved with planning the different events around the school.  I love sports, and I am a part of the many sports teams at our school such as Volleyball, Cross Country, and Track & Field. Throughout the winter I enjoy snowboarding with my friends, and throughout the summer I water-ski and knee board.  When I am finished high school, I am planning on going into nursing, and then continuing on into the medical field.

This past summer I enjoyed working for Kelsey Recreation as a counsellor for the Summer Day Camp Program, but right now I am not working so I can focus on my studies.  I am volunteering at the high school to produce a French Room, for teachers and students to go for help, information and different activities, and I have also volunteered at the Humane Society.

I would like to thank everyone who has been such a great help with the different events, and Trappers' Festival in general.  Good luck to all the other candidates, and I hope to see everyone out enjoying Trappers' Festival this year! 

Miss The Pas Friendship Centre- Tracy Constant

Tansi / Hello

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome everyone to the 2010 Trappers’ Festival!

                 My name is Tracy Constant and I am truly thrilled to be competing in this year’s Fur Queen Contest.  As a child and all throughout my life, I was a huge fan of the World Championship Dog Race.  To be honest, I think I’ve only missed three years; and it wasn’t by choice.  My family and I have been proud to call The Pas/ OCN home for my entire twenty years of life.  Recently, I decided to take a break from university where I began my journey to become a pediatric physiotherapist. It’s a great feeling to be at home.

                Since I was young, it was a tradition for my dad to take me to A&W for Eggers, go for a ride in the truck and make it to the race before the dogs were laced up.  We’d stand in the crowd and watch as the mushers mounted their sleighs; we’d listen to the countdown and  hear the blast of the gun to mark the beginning of the race. I remember watching until the dogs were too far away to see, and my dad and I would jump in the truck and drive to the valley to see them all over again.  As I grew up and eventually moved away, this is the memory that has guided me home in the middle of February, year after year. 

                Even though I’m only twenty, I’ve spent a lot of time in Winnipeg.  When I was 16, I moved away to attend the Royal Winnipeg Ballet where I aspired to become a professional ballet dancer.  Unfortunately, due to a medical condition, I was unable to pursue this dream, so I came back home. This stage in my life inspired me to do other things --to help other people; to become a physiotherapist.  After completing two years at the University of Winnipeg in the kinesiology program, I decided to come home to save money to continue my education at the University of British Columbia.  Since I‘ve been home, I’ve been employed as a receptionist at The Pas Friendship Centre, who is also sponsoring me in the Fur Queen Contest.

                In closing, I would like to thank my sponsor, family and friends for their continuous support. To all Trappers’ Festival competitors and my fellow candidates, good luck in the contests and enjoy the events!

 Ekosi / Thank You

 Tracy Constant

Miss The Pas Friendship Centre


Jessie Walker, Miss Twin Motors crowned 2009 Fur Queen, 1st Princess Rocki Fourre, 2nd Princess Kelly Molloy

Congratulations to Miss Alouette Kelly Molloy- Miss Congeniality, and Miss Twin Motors- Miss Inspiration

These girls did more than Shine in 2009!

Here is a little of their week!

Congratulations to the Fur Queen Raffle winners

$1000 Darren & Lisa Campbell

$500 Steve Maksymetz

$250 Kim Hominick


2009 Contestants

Click on their names to check out their websites!

Rocki Fourre Miss R.A.G.,

Jessie Walker Miss Twin Motors,

Kelly Molloy Miss Alouette,

  Lacey Moran Miss Aseneskak 

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Champagne Brunch


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Dallas' Pageant presentation

Start of the 2008 Fur Queen Competition