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Headquarters will be at the Uptown Mall

on Edward's Avenue (old Liquor Store)

 Arts and Crafts (commercial in the old SAAN store and display the old Shane's store)

Phone 623-2912, 623-2283 Fax during Festival 623-1974

The directors and volunteers outdid themselves this year at Headquarters.  Check out the pictures of the opening ceremonies!


This is the spirit of Trappers'!  Lawrence Kaczoroski spent 2 days painting the murals that we had this year.  They were phenomenal!


Open 9 am - 6 pm  Wednesday to Saturday

Opening Ceremonies noon Wednesday

Come in and browse the displays of vintage pictures, as well as pick up some souvenirs.    The Trappers' Festival Booklet, as well as tickets for Preliminaries, Stage Show, Amateur Singing Competition, Tea and Fashion Show, Queen Pageant, Beerfest/Rendezvous, and more.  Extra tickets for Mushers' Briefing and Mushers' Banquet will be available also.  Remember, 100 tickets for the Beerfest and Rendezvous will be held over for Saturday morning!!!! So if you didn't get tickets, get in the line-up.  Check the latest stats on the competitions or get the next clue for the ice worm.

2009 Merchandize Available at Headquarters and also at Paper Works Plus, embroidered and stamped

(PaperWorks Plus in the Otineka Mall will pay us a royalty for any clothing made with our logo!  So pick your own color, size, style.)

Pins  $3   

Buttons $1

 Toque $12

  Scarf $15

  Toque & Scarf Set $25 

2008 Zip Hoodies Sale $30 (price $45 last year)

BBQ Aprons $6

Cloth Bags $4 

Pub Glasses Pewter Medallion - $12 

Coffee Mugs Pewter Medallion - $15

Coffee Mugs Etched - $15

  Cooler Bags - $8

  Ice Worms - $3 

Snow Fleas - $3 

Lanyards - $3

New Items  Beer Cozy $3 

Binoculars $40 

Cloth Bags $4 

Cooler Bags $8

 Beer Steins $10 

Black Ceramic Coffee Mug $8 

2009 Monogrammed Clothing



Lots of fun stuff happening at Headquarters.  Check out the old Trappers' books, or have your picture taken in a cut-out..  Bring in your cherished old Trappers' photos and have them scanned right there to be saved for Trappers' history.

Ever been lucky enough to find the ice worm?  Just what I thought.  Here's a pic.