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In 1975 the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival made the decision to honour

 some members of the public for their commitment and dedication

to the cause of the annual Trappers' Festival. Those people so honoured

were to have many years of steadfast involvement that was beneficial to the

continual operation and development of the festival and its activities.

At the Regular Meeting of the 1978 Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival, Inc.

Board of Directors held on 1 November 1977, the following motion

 was presented and passed:
M/S Bill Harper, Neal Joyce

THAT the Honourary Trapper be awarded only to those people who

 have contributed many years of loyal service to Trappers' Festival and it shall be awarded only during a Trappers' Festival.

To date, those people so honoured are:

Real Berard - April 7, 1975
Real is an artist and naturalist who designs our annual logo and has since 1973. He built many snow and ice sculptures around The Pas to celebrate festival and taught many local citizens how to build these decorative displays.

Ed Wong - April 29, 1975 (Annual General Meeting)
Ed was the Manager of Parks Branch in The Pas and spent many years from 1972 assisting every aspect of Trappers' Festival in that capacity until he was transferred to Winnipeg in 1977. Ed acted as Chairman of the Annual General Meetings during that time.

Howie Larke - April 29, 1975 (Annual General Meeting)
Howie was the Northern Representative of Labatt's Manitoba Brewery and was instrumental in achieving Labatt's sponsorship and the Clarence Tillenius trophy for the Dog Race in 1960. He attended most festivals from 1960 until 1976 when he was transferred to BC.

George Takashima - May 21, 1975 (regular meeting)
George served as General Chairman of the Trappers' Festival in 1972, 73, 74 and 75. He introduced several new events and created much enthusiasm within the community for the festival.

Murray Houlden - March 26, 1976 (Wind-Up Party)
Murray served as Finance Chairman in 1975 and General Chairman in 1976.

Sid Wilton - April 27, 1976 (Annual General Meeting)
Sid served on the Board from its formation in 1948 until 1975. He edited the annual booklet for many, many years and was a historian emeritus of Trappers' Festival. He was pleased to provide oral history to anyone who was interested. Sid was deceased on December 28, 1977.

Clifford "Ticky" King - February 15, 1978 (Directors' Reception)
Ticky was a Board member for many years and an active member of The Pas Lions Club. He organized and operated the King Trapper events, and continues to assist the festival on a regular basis. His ideas and events for the King Trapper contest are used to date.

Joyce Colgan - February 15, 1978 (Directors' Reception)
Joyce served on the Board for several years and was instrumental in organizing the Stage Shows. She still continues to provide musical assistance when requested.

Bill Harper - February 14, 1979 (Directors' Reception)
Bill was Manager of the Parks Branch and in that capacity assisted Trappers' Festival in many aspects. He served on the Board of Directors and was a Vice Chairman in 1977 and 1978. He continued his involvement on the Board of Directors until he transferred to Winnipeg in 1979.

Sue Lambert - February 15, 1986 (Directors' Reception)
Sue is the longest serving member of the Board of Directors, having served for 31 years from 1971 to 1991 and again from 1995 through 2006. She has filled all the executive positions and chaired most of the events of the Trappers' Festival. She reorganized the Fur Queen Contest and Rendezvous/Beerfest events, in order to make them high profit bearing activities. Sue served as General Chairman for two years, was Finance Chairman for five years and Secretary for fifteen years. Sue is still a dedicated and hard-working supporter of the Trappers' Festival and provides history and continuity to the operations. Her international media contacts keep the publicity about the festival active. She chaired the 50th Anniversary celebration in 1997 and is continues to serve on the board as Secretary. Sue believes the annual festival is important to the economy and quality of life of the people of The Pas area and promotes the history and heritage of the region at every opportunity.

Armand Lambert - February 18, 1994 (Director's Reception)
Armand first became involved with the Trappers' Festival in 1949 when his father, Edwin Lambert, won the World Championship Dog Race, which at that time was run from The Pas to Flin Flon and return. Armand assisted in the care of the dogs and continued his interest for many years. He received the Junior King Trapper title in 1964. His wife, Sue Lambert, became involved with the festival in 1971 because Armand's father was concerned about the prize money in the dog race and remained on the Board of Directors for over 30 years. Trappers' Festival was a family affair. Armand spent time assisting with the Kinsmen in organizing the dog race. In 1976, Pitt joined Kinsmen and became even more involved with the preparation for the dog races and has served as Registrar of the races since that time. He was a member of the Board of Directors in 1980 and was Dog Race Chairman that year also. Armand is well known throughout North America as the promoter of the dog races in The Pas. Mushers call him regularly throughout the year for updates on regulations and information. His commitment and dedication to the success of the Dog Races and the continuation of the Trappers' Festival is exemplary, and we are pleased to present him with the highest honour the Trappers' Festival can bestow - Honourary Trapper - Armand "Pitt" Lambert.

Bryon Harkness - February 18, 1994 (Director's Reception)
Bryon is well known as "Harkie" throughout North America. He became involved with the Trappers' Festival in 1965 when his wife-to-be, Judy Colgan, was crowned Fur Queen. He promoted the Trappers' Festival activities, and became very active with the Dog Race when he joined Kinsmen in 1971. Trappers' Festival was a family affair for Harkie, as well, with involvement in Stage Show, Fur Queens, King Trapper and Highlights. Harkie sponsored various events of the Trappers' Festival through his business concerns, and was a strong supporter and champion of the activities of the Trappers' Festival and the community. Harkie was a member of the Board of Directors in 1977 and was Dog Race Chairman. Since leaving The Pas, Bryon has continued to support and promote the Trappers' Festival and frequently brings guests back to experience our unique opportunities in the North. His ebullient and buoyant personality lends itself to the honour we bestow on him this evening - Honourary Trapper - Bryon "Harkie" Harkness.
General Chairman, Gary Halstead commented that "Together Pitt and Harkie have dedicated over 50 years of service to the Trappers' Festival. Let's congratulate them."

Lucille & Eugene Lamb - Directors Reception 1995
Eugene was instrumental in continuing the operation of the King Trapper Contest through the late 1980's, and served on the Board of Directors in the mid-seventies as well. He brought in some changes and kept the contest founded on competitions based on trapping and wilderness survival skills. Lucille served on the board in the late 80's helping Gene, and also assisting with the dances and youth activities.

John St. Goddard - Appreciation Night 1996
John served on the board of directors for eight years, two as General Chairman. He has continued to provide services for the festival, arranging for decorating of the community and work parties to assist in setting up and taking down for various activities. John designs and constructs Fort Whoop It Up annually. His valuable contribution to the annual activities gives the community a feeling of participation and pride in the Trappers' Festival.

Clem Jones - Appreciation Night 1996
Clem served on the board of directors for five years, one as General Chairman. Over the last few years, although he was no longer a member of the board, Clem did help out and assist anyone who had need of his expertise.

Walter Koshel - Appreciation Night 1997
Walter Koshel has been a hard working active promoter of the Trappers' Festival since he was a teenager (that's a few years now!!). Any time there was a need for someone to come out to receptions or exhibitions and add colour and demonstrate events or activities, Walter was always a willing helper. His expertise as a trapper and King Trapper competitor were recognized internationally, and he promoted the Trappers' Festival when he participated and won King of the Klondike and the Okimow of the North. Walter is a true ambassador of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival.

Franklin Carriere - Appreciation Night 1998
Franklin Carriere is a long time competitor of the King Trapper event at the annual Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival. He is an avid and enthusiastic participant and encourages others to compete as well. Franklin promotes the King Trapper competition and the other events of the Trappers' Festival where ever he goes. He is proud of his participation and the skills and abilities that allowed him to claim the title of King Trapper several times. Franklin Carriere epitomizes the spirit of the Northern Pioneer and Trapper. He stimulates excitement about our festival in The Pas and generates interest in the events amongst everyone he meets. He acts as an ambassador for the Trappers' Festival, and fosters attendance and competition. Franklin's interest and zeal as a King Trapper competitor, and former King Trapper title holder, make us proud to include him as an Honourary Trapper of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival -- a privilege he well deserves.

Sonny Lavallee - Appreciation Night 2000
Sonny Lavallee has long devoted time to Trappers' Festival. His commitment to promoting the festival and all of its activities is well known. Many people in The Pas associate the name Trappers' Festival with this dedicated man. He has been the brunt of many jokes on the board, gets teased mercilessly by fellow board members about his life style, his clothes, his appearance, his hunting, his possessions....but never is there one word said in jest about his concern for the betterment of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival. If there is a job that needs doing, he is there to help. His dedication has been evident throughout his 17 years on the Board of Directors. Inducting Raymond “Sonny” Lavallee as an Honourary Trapper of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival is an honour well deserved.

Linda McFarland - Appreciation Night 2001
To be an active member of the Board of Directors, and to promote the cultural aspects of the people of Northern Manitoba through display of their creations is one of the activities of this nominee of the Honorary Trapper. A constant supporter, reliable contributor and conscientious champion of her efforts. Linda McFarland has been committed to organizing events and activities for the benefit of others since 1991. She is a most valuable member of the Board of Directors, and we take this opportunity to salute her for her commitment to Trappers' Festival, and award her the title of Honorary Trapper.

Rod Pidskalny - Appreciation Night 2001
Rod has served the Board in many capacities including Chair of the Dream Draw as well as being a dedicated General Chairman and promoter of Trappers' Festival. He meets all challenges willingly and is an extraordinary worker, making sure all events are held and that the visitor and participant to Trappers' Festival are welcomed. Rod comes from a long line of Trappers' supporters, as his dad, Orest, was a General Chairman in the late 60's and Rod learned first hand of the importance of the culture and heritage of Trappers' Festival. Being awarded the title of Honorary Trapper is only a small recognition of the dedication Rod has offered.

Richard Beck - Musher’s Briefing 2004
One of the people we recognize has long devoted time and effort to the promotion of the World Championship Dog Races at the Trappers' Festival. His commitment to promoting the races has resulted in many mushers from the Northwest Territories attending our festival and ensuring the continuation of all of the activities. He is an acclaimed dog musher and has taken the time to share his skills, knowledge and wisdom about the sport and raising championship sled dogs with many interested people. As a dedicated musher, he has promoted the sport within his own family to the extent that they have all participated in our dog races. The Honourary Trapper title is the highest award bestowed upon promoters of our festival, and it gives us extreme pleasure and great honour to express our appreciation to Richard Beck, a six time winner of the World Championship Dog Race to receive the title of Honourary Trapper.

Orest Pidskalny - Appreciation Night 2004
We recognize a person who has long devoted time and effort to the promotion of the Trappers’ Festival. He is a former General Chairman and has volunteered in many capacities over the years to ensure the success of the festival. His current work provides the festival with an excellent visual history and images for our promotional materials and booklets. Whenever asked, he is available to assist the board of directors with many of the events they are attempting to promote and retain. As a photographer, his work is exemplary and we get a well rounded visual presentation of the festival because of his intimate knowledge of all of the events and activities. The Honourary Trapper title is the highest award bestowed upon promoters of our festival, and it is a great honour to express our appreciation to Orest Pidskalny to receive the title of Honourary Trapper.

Gary Kozun Appreciation Night 2008

I have the pleasure of making this award to someone who has not only been involved in the Dog Races, but also has worked with the King Trapper Events
as a member of the Trappers Festival Board of Directors. He is unsparing and generous in the time he devotes to the betterment of the World Championship Dog races and works diligently on the trail each year. He provides expertise in setting up and taking down the starting area and trailers. He is respected for his physical strength and his strong opinions, his continued search for excellence, and his dedication to volunteering with the Kinsmen Club of The Pas. He works hard and plays hard once the work is done.

Darryl Hogue Appreciation Night 2008

It is an extreme honour and pleasure for me to present this award this evening to someone who is dedicated and committed to the Trappers' Festival and the World Championship Dog Races. He has been involved with the festival since he was a young man, and sat on the Board of Directors when he was Dog Chairman for the Kinsmen Club. As a stalwart Kinsmen, a committed volunteer, a dedicated sponsor and devoted community member, he has earned the respect, admiration and appreciation of his fellow volunteers, the Trappers' Festival Board of Directors, and the dog mushers who enter our races. His endeavors each year contribute to the first class race trail we provide for our contestants, the excellent comradery during the race, and the set up and take down of the race site and start. His courteous attitude, consideration for others, and good humor make him worthy of this most prestigious award of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival.