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Queen Trapper Contest

18th Time!

2010 Queen Trapper

Diane Buck!

I believe that on an occasion like this it is worthy that a celebrity like Rick Mercer present the trophy!



2010 Competition

Bib # Competitor Ice Fishing Moose Calling Goose Calling Tea Boil Bannock Baking Fish Filleting Fish Fry Portage Race Log Throw Snowshoe Race Wood Saw Nail Driving Trap setting Leg Wrestling Total
5 Diane Buck 0 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 3 7 4 4 3   46
6 Clarissa Danielson 0 4 4 3 1 3 2 4 4 6 3 2 4   40
2 Deanna Buck 0 2   1 3   1   1 5 2 3     18
8 Claudia Martin ® 0 1 2   2 2 3 2   4     1   17
1 Louise Contois 0     2   1   1 2   1   2   9
7 Ashley Kryschuk ® 0                           0

2009 Queen Trapper Diane Buck

17th time beating Roger Carriere's record of 16 titles!


2009 Queen Trapper Runner-Up Clarissa Danielson

2009 Queen Trapper Rookie Louise Contois


Hello my name is Diane Buck, I'm originally from Moose Lake, Manitoba.  I'm proud to be an O.C.N member. I've been competing in The Pas Trappers’ Festival for 18 years.  I've won the title 16 times.  Last year I had the privilege of competing with my daughter Deanna Buck.  She won Rookie of the year.  When I first won the title she was only 3 and a half months old.  This is what I want to see in the festival that families get involved in following the tradition.  I can see over the years of competing that the competitors are skilled and strong.  I would like to thank my family and friends that sponsored and  supported me through this event.  Welcome to the 2009 World Championship King and Queen Trapper Competition!   Also special thanks to the sponsors and Directors for their wonderful work to make this event possible.
Thank you

2009 Competition

Louise, Jamie, Jack McPherson, Clarissa, Eric Robinson, Stephanie, Diane, Head Honcho Wilf, Cathleen

Bib # Competitor Moose Calling Goose Calling Ice Fishing Tea Boiling Bannock Baking Fish Filleting Fish Frying Snowshoe Race Wood Sawing Portage Race Log Throwing Trap Setting Nail Driving Leg Wrestling Total
5 Diane Buck 1 3   4 4 3 4 7 4 4 3 3 4 4 44
2 Clarissa Danielson 4 4   3 3 4 3 6 3 1 4 2 3 3 43
8 Kristen Burns 2 2   1 1 2   5 2 3 2 4 1 2 27
7 Louise Contois R 3     2   1 2 4 1   1   2 1 17
1 Stephanie Masson         2   1     2   1     6
6 Cathleen Merasty R   1                         1
  Adrianne Sawchyn                             0
3 Jamie Merasty R                             0


Kristen Burns   3       2 1 1           2 9
Deanna Buck*             2           1 1 4
Joni Dumas *   2                         2
Livey Mcleod*           1           1     2
Tara Kreshewski                       2     2
* Designates Rookie                              


Note:  In the event of a total points tie, winner will be decided based on number of first place finishes.


Article in The Opasquia Times


Thanks to the Sponsors!


Winner of Queen Trapper sponsored by:

Carley Bearing & Auto ($300) plus  trophy and 2 tickets from Calm Air 

1st runner up sponsored by Otineka Development ($200) plus trophy
2nd runner up sponsored by Otineka Development ($100)
Rookie Prize sponsored by NMTF ($100) plus trophy

Leg Wrestling Dairy Queen

Wood Sawing: Integra Tire
Fish Frying: New Avenue Hotel
Ice Fishing: Shane's Music Otineka Mall
Pack Race: Pitre Tire & Auto
Trap Setting: Brian Gareau Plumbing
Tea Boiling: Tim Horton's
Nail Driving: Parcel Plus
Log Throw: New Avenue Hotel
Snowshoe Race: OCN Shell
Moose Calling: Otineka Development
Goose Calling: Otineka Development
Fish Filleting: Veito Insurance
Bannock Baking: Pyrgo's Pizza


1st place finishes receive $50.00
2nd place finishes receive $40.00
3rd place finishes receive $25.00
4th place finishes receive $10.00

Snow Shoe Race 1st $160, 2nd $100, 3rd $90, 4th $75


Points will be awarded as follows:

1st place: 40pts

2nd place: 30 pts

3rd place: 20 pts.

4th place: 10pts


The Queen Trapper competition is the counterpart of the King Trapper competition. It reminds us of the important role women had in the pioneering of the north. This event was introduced in 1977.

The contestants will compete in the great outdoors in a number of events which require skill, endurance and strategy. There are 14 events in total which will not only earn these trappers' points but a shot at becoming the 2009 Queen Trapper for the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival.

Spectators have an opportunity to watch the women put their speed and accuracy to use at events such as Log Sawing, Trap Setting, Nail Driving and the Portage. Skill only comes to mind as the women compete for top points in the Moose and Goose Calling competitions and their skills are definitely needed for the Bannock Baking, Tea Boiling, Fish Frying and Fish Filleting. Strength is key for events such as Log Throwing and Leg Wrestling. Lets not forget the strength and endurance needed for that 3-Mile Snowshoe Race which is a great crowd pleaser as each contestant battles through the snow to finish in 1st place! Last but not least on our agenda for events is the Ice Fishing competition. Is it luck or is it skill? Why don't you come and see for yourself!

Cash prizes are awarded in each event and the Queen Trapper title with trophy will be awarded to the contestant compiling the highest total points.

Hearty competition is the name of the game in any year of competition for the Queen Trappers'. Check out the schedule of events for time, location and competitions and think about entering as a contestant or for sure as a spectator.


2008 Rules for Queen Trappers' Events

2007 Results

Queen Trapper Entry Form

Forms may be mailed to

Wilf Lamontagne

Box 1438 The Pas, MB

R9A 1L3

Ph. (Cell)  204-620-1517

Ph.            204-623-2232

Fax           204-623-4396

or emailed to nmtf@mts.net


Dear Queen Trapper Competitor:


Hello my name is Wilf Lamontagne and I will be your Director for the 2009 Queen Trapper’s events.  Some of our veteran competitors might be familiar with me, but most of us will be meeting for the first time when you register for the events in The Pas.  I look forward to working with everyone and seeing all of you compete during the 2009 Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival

We will continue with the Rookie of the Year category for the sixth year running.  If you are a first time participant you will be eligible for this award. 

Most of the competitions will take place this year in the parking lot located near Giant Tiger and behind Home Hardware.

Registration will take place at Festival Headquarters, in the Uptown Mall, on Wednesday February 18, 2009, between 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.  Registration fee is $25.00 and is payable at the time of registration.           


All competitors are strongly encouraged to retain the 13-event minimum in order to qualify, or they risk losing their prize monies, standings and registration fee.  All competitors will be provided with rules for the Queen Trapper Events upon registration.  Please take a few moments to become familiar with the rules so as to avoid potential concerns/eliminations during competition.  We will be having a briefing and complementary breakfast at the Kikiwak Inn on Thursday morning to go over the rules and any concerns you may have.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Queen Trapper competition, please feel free to contact me by calling 204-623-2232, cell 620-1517 or email nmtf@mts.net


I look forward to seeing you all at the 62nd annual Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival!



 Wilf Lamontagne

Director, Queen Trapper Competition


·         Make note of the Wednesday, Feb. 18/09 registration deadline and the new location of headquarters located the old liquor store in the Uptown Mall.

·         Fish Frying will go back to traditional frying method.  Cooking ingredients will be provided for competitors.

·         Ingredients will also be provided for Bannock Baking.

            Competitors must provide own Axe, Hatchet, Suede Saw, Filleting Knife, Frying Pan, Utensils, Fishing Rod, Tackle and Snowshoes.


Site of the Snowshoe Race

***Please note---All other copies of rules from previous years are null and void!***

Official 2009 Queen Trapper Rules and Regulations

1) Wood Sawing - One log will be cut and timed. Fastest time is the winner(s). Log must be a clean cut.

2) Log throw - The larger end of the log is the throwing end (Top). The measurement for this contest will be from the center of the starting line (painted orange) to the resting place of the unpainted end (the log has to flip), no matter how it gets there - rolls counts.  Each contestant gets TWO throws.  Longest measurement taken.

3) Trap Setting - The winner of this event will be the person who has set 6 or 8 traps provided in the shortest time.  All contestants will be given the opportunity to set all traps once before the contest begins. Live sets only.  This timed event.

4) Tea Boiling - Each contestant will be provided with matches and pail of snow (filled by officials). No paper will be allowed.  At the start of the whistle, the contestants will run and pick up their wood and return to their pit or as otherwise directed. The first one that brings their pail to a rolling boil is the winner.

5) Bannock Baking -This is a judged event with a maximum of 45 minutes allowed.  The lath will be numbered as the judges are not allowed to watch this event (3 judges).  The contestants are provided with lath, cardboard, flour, salt, baking powder, lard, and water.  Timing starts when everyone has their products and contestants cannot start until that time.  Just what is supplied from Trappers Festival.  No adding anything to bannock.  Bannock will be disqualified.

6) 3-Mile Snowshoe Race -Each contestant will provide her own snowshoes. The snowshoes must be a minimum of 50 inches when the width and length are added together.  Contestants are to look after their own snowshoe tie-downs if needed.  The events are at 10am sharp.  Contestants are to be at the snowshoe racing site by 9:30am.  The mile and half turn around will be marked with laths and that where have to turn.

7) Ice Fishing -The contestants will provide their pre-drilled holes. Contestants provide their own hook, line, and bait.  The winner will be the one that catches the most fish in one hour.  In the event of a 3-way-tie, 1st place will be awarded to the contestant who the catches the first fish and same for 2nd and 3rd place.  Species does not matter nor does size. Barbless hooks only.

8) Portage - Contestant will pack a specified amount of packages from one place to another in the least amount of time.  Three 8 foot logs will be set up in an "I" position.  Contestants will start at opposite ends of the packages (4 in total), run to the items, pick-up one item at time, run back across portage and "set" item in bin provided. Timed event.  Losing balance on the portage will result in 5-second penalty.  Dropping any items will result in a 5 second penalty and throwing or tossing into bins will result
in a 10 second penalty.  Items must be placed in the bins.

9) Nail Driving -each contestant will be given (3) nails and hammer. Fastest time is the winner(s).  Nail head must be completely flush with surface before timer is stopped.  Bent nails will not be counted.

10) Fish Filleting -Contestants will be given 5 minutes to fillet/de-bone the fish.  Contestants will be provided with 1 fish and 1 piece of cardboard.  Judged upon quality of the fillet.

11) Fish Frying -Contestant will given 20 minutes to fry their fish fillets.  Contestants will be provided with flour, oil, and salt.  Fish will be judged on base of taste, texture and appearance. Two fillet to handed in for judging.  Just what is supplied from Trappers Festival to be used.  If anything else is used.  The contestant will be disqualified.

12) Leg Wrestling  Contestants draw Numbers to see who goes against who.  Odd numbers wrestle even, odd man out gets the bye.  Straight elimination.

13) Moose Calling-Each contestant draws for number to determine order the go up in, and will make two calls: cow and bull.  Will not be known to the judges.  Contestants will not be allowed to speak over the microphone. Anyone speaking over the microphone or giving his or her identity away in
any way will be disqualified.

14) Goose Calling-Each contestant will be numbered and will make two calls: alert and spring arrival. Will not be known to the judges.  Contestants will not be able to speak over the microphone. Anyone speaking over the microphone or giving their identity away in any way will be disqualified
NOTE: The Moose and Goose Calling Competition will take place at the Preliminaries. Only the first place winners will appear at the Hi-Lites. Preliminaries are held on Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. Queen Trapper contestants must be there at 6:15 p.m. to draw their numbers. Any contestant using foul language, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, interfering with equipment or with the judging or using own stopwatches or devices which may show unsportsman like conduct or jeopardizes the safety of other contestants will be suspended from the Festival competition at the direction of the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival Queen Chairperson.  Every contestant must be at every event 10-15 minutes prior to starting time and have their equipment (Axe, Hatchet, Suede Saw, Filleting Knife, Frying
Pan, Utensils, Fishing Rod, Tackle and Snowshoes) by their side. Contestants are responsible for their own tools. Committee personnel will not be responsible for any safeguarding of tools.
NOTE: Further, the contestant must be present to receive her prize money at the Hi-Lites. Should one fail to attend, she will forfeit all her winnings.